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Our Complete Service For Watches

From love for the watch, with an eye for detail.

Professional Watch Repair

A top-notch watch can last more than a lifetime when cared for by skilled hands. Should there be an accident or defect, the master watchmakers of Cologne Watch are at your service. With decades of experience in repairing high-quality watches, we reliably identify every problem and replace defective components. To preserve the authentic condition of your watch, we use only original parts from the respective manufacturers.

After the repair, your watch undergoes a carefully standardized inspection process, the results of which we record for you in a detailed report. Just before delivery, a final check of functionality and aesthetic condition is made to ensure the watch is in impeccable operation.

How To Protect Your Watch From Damage

Regular Inspection

Let us regularly check the water resistance of your watch and protect yourself against potential damage.

Protection From Magnets

The precision movement of your watch is susceptible to magnetism. Avoid strong magnetic fields whenever possible to ensure the functionality of your timepiece.

Temperature Protection

Drastic temperature fluctuations can affect your watch. Ensure a stable climate to protect the material and functionality of your watch.

Chronograph Care

The delicate mechanics of chronograph clutches are not designed for continuous use. Use the chronograph as needed to avoid excessive wear.

Water Resistance Check

Before you expose your watch to water, ensure that the crown is securely fixed to the case. This ensures reliable water resistance.

Protection Against Bumps

Hazardous situations with strong shocks can damage the watch mechanics. Therefore, avoid wearing your watch during such moments.


Every worn watch eventually shows signs of wear – fine scratches, worn straps, or a faded dial. Our goal is to restore the original shine to each watch. In our specialized workshop, we completely disassemble the watch to uncover all damages and imperfections. Using state-of-the-art laser technology, we address material defects and ensure an authentic restoration, applying original finishes. After reassembly, all watches undergo a comprehensive functionality test, including a water-resistance check.

Maintenance – Securing Value & Functionality

Preserve the lasting value of your watch and ensure its functionality with professional servicing from Cologne Watch. From disassembling the caliber to cleaning the movement to adjusting the timekeeping - we ensure that your watch delights you for a lifetime. Our work is consistently based on manufacturer specifications, and we exclusively use top-tier oils and greases to achieve the best results.

Reliability through standardized testing: Every watch undergoes a standardized testing procedure after servicing, where its power reserve, accuracy, and water resistance are rigorously examined. A certificate subsequently documents the condition and functionality of your watch.

The importance of regular servicing - insights from workshop manager Daniel Karamann: "Most manufacturers recommend a service every five years. I wholeheartedly concur with this recommendation, as the lifespan of a watch is heavily dependent on its maintenance and care."

The Art Of Watch Restoration

High-quality watches gain unique individuality and charisma over time. To preserve this character, an extensive inventory of replacement parts and a delicate touch acquired through experience in restoration are essential. Both are combined at Cologne Watch in its master workshop. With our skilled team, an international network of watchmakers, and an impressive stock of original replacement parts that are hard to find even among manufacturers, we breathe new life into your vintage watch.

Before / Afterwards

A 1975 Rolex Datejust before and after refurbishment in our workshop.

Polish - Give Your Watch A New Shine

Our experienced polishing masters use state-of-the-art machinery to bring your watch to a high polish. They carefully work on all surfaces to maintain the delicate balance between shiny and matte areas and preserve the aesthetic integrity of your watch.

Our polishing master, Ersin Ercan, answers the question: "Can't I take care of the polishing myself?"

Ersin Ercan explains: "Polishing is an art form that holds the highest importance for us. When purchasing, we often encounter inferior polishing work that significantly affects the resale value of the watch. Luxury watches like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or the Patek Philippe Nautilus require particularly intricate polishing procedures. These should definitely be carried out by an experienced professional."


At Cologne Watch, we believe that few gifts are as valuable as an exquisite watch. To make this gift even more personal, we offer you the option to engrave your watch with a custom inscription in your preferred font. Don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to adding a unique touch to your watch!

Bracelet Replacement

Looking for a unique strap in a special color, or considering swapping your metal bracelet for an elegant leather variation? At Cologne Watch, we offer an extensive range of straps in diverse fabrics, colors, and materials. If your personal dream strap isn't in our collection, we provide you with the opportunity to express your creativity through a customized bespoke creation.