Workshop Service: Handbags and Jewelry

Our full service for handbags and jewelry

Passionately refined - meticulously perfected.

Professional repair and restoration

At Cologne Watch Diamond, a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the care and restoration of luxury handbags and fine jewelry is ready to tackle any challenge. Our experts dedicate themselves passionately to repairing minor damages and undertaking complex restorations for pieces that require special attention. With a deep understanding of the intricacies and uniqueness of each material and design, we employ state-of-the-art techniques alongside traditional craftsmanship to preserve or restore the original beauty and exclusivity of your handbags and jewelry.

We place great emphasis on ensuring that the authenticity and value of your pieces are not only preserved but potentially enhanced through any interventions and treatments. Therefore, we meticulously select only the highest quality materials and replacement parts that perfectly match the original components, thus respecting the uniqueness of each individual piece. Our goal is to not only repair your handbags and jewelry but to bring them to a state that makes them shine as if they were brand new, using our expertise and passion for fine craftsmanship.

Protection and Care

We understand that your luxurious handbags and exquisite jewelry pieces are more than just accessories - they are expressions of your personal style and valuable companions throughout life. That's why we go above and beyond the usual services and offer comprehensive advice and tailored services to preserve your precious belongings from everyday hazards such as wear and tear, moisture, and dirt.

Our team of experts shares valuable knowledge and tried-and-tested tips with you to protect the beauty and integrity of your handbags and jewelry pieces. We guide you through the best practices for storage, cleaning, and maintenance so that you can enjoy the radiant appearance and flawless function of your treasures for years to come. Join us in discovering how to effectively combat the signs of time and preserve your favorite pieces for future generations.


In the hands of our team, your handbags and jewelry undergo a true rejuvenation. With a combination of advanced technologies and traditional craftsmanship, we dedicate ourselves to carefully eliminating any flaws - whether they are scratches, discolorations, or other signs of aging. Our goal is not only to renew the external beauty of your valuable pieces but also to fully restore their original shine and character.

By employing specialized techniques and in-depth knowledge of material properties, we ensure that each treatment is tailored to the specific material and design. Whether it's the fine leather of an exclusive handbag or the delicate setting of a precious piece of jewelry, our experienced team ensures that every detail is handled with the highest precision. This guarantees that your treasures not only regain their beauty but also preserve their history and uniqueness.

Value and Functionality Preservation

We understand the importance of your luxurious handbags and exquisite jewelry to you. That's why we prioritize regular maintenance and careful care to ensure the value and functionality of these precious possessions. Our skilled specialists recommend having particularly high-quality pieces professionally inspected and serviced at specified intervals.

This strategic preventive maintenance is essential for ensuring the flawless appearance and flawless function of your treasures. Regular professional attention not only helps preserve aesthetic brilliance and mechanical precision but also contributes to maintaining the long-term value of your handbags and jewelry. Our goal is to use comprehensive expertise and proactive care to ensure that your valuable pieces remain in optimal condition indefinitely.

The Art of Restoration

For vintage handbags and jewelry, we offer specialized restoration services. Our dedicated restoration team masterfully preserves and enhances the uniqueness and charm of each piece. We carefully respect the age and history that these precious items embody. With a profound understanding of traditional techniques and a sensitive approach to historical materials, we ensure that each restoration maintains the authenticity and original spirit of the pieces. Our goal is to revitalize the beauty and elegance of your vintage treasures, allowing them to retain their special character while shining anew.

Polishing and Customization

At Cologne Watch Diamond, we understand that each of our customers is unique and wishes to express this in their luxurious accessories. Therefore, we expand our offering beyond expert polishing to include various customization options that allow you to truly personalize your handbags and jewelry.

From intricate engravings that immortalize a personal touch or a meaningful message to precise material adjustments that enhance both appearance and feel – our team executes your vision with the utmost precision and creativity.

With our comprehensive understanding of aesthetics and unwavering commitment to excellence, we create tailored solutions that not only reflect the style but also the individuality of each customer.

Unleash your creativity, and we will turn your ideas into tangible reality, ensuring that your treasures not only become unique but also acquire profound personal significance.

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