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Every watch is unique in its brand, model, condition, and accessories, which define its value. Even for a watch enthusiast, accurate valuation can be challenging. However, at Cologne Watch, you are in safe hands.

Our experienced watch experts analyze all relevant factors of your watch and combine them into a comprehensive picture to achieve the best price for you. Our in-depth market analysis, combined with two decades of experience and a global network, enables us to make a serious assessment of your watch's value potential.

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Valuation: How much is my watch worth?

Are you considering selling your watch and want a professional and non-binding valuation from our experienced watch experts?

Simply fill out the online form with the most important data of your watch and add meaningful photos. Alternatively, you can contact us by email or arrange an appointment by phone. Within 48 hours, you will receive a non-binding initial assessment from us. Take your time to decide – we at Cologne Watch are here for you in any case.

Fair offer in 48 hours

After we receive your watch, we check it for functionality, condition, and completeness. Within 48 hours, we will make you a binding purchase offer. If you accept this offer, we will transfer the agreed amount to you immediately after the contract is concluded or pay it in cash or by check if desired.

As an alternative, we also offer to take your watch on consignment and market it to an international audience of watch enthusiasts through our online shop. We will be happy to advise you on the optimal solution for your watch!


Our watch experts answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions about watch purchase

The value of a watch is determined by various factors. In addition to the manufacturer, model, age and condition, aspects such as rarity or the target group also play an important role in pricing. Watches that are complete with warranty card, original box, instructions and all accessories achieve a higher price compared to models without these components. At Cologne Watch, we rely on a standardized valuation process that clearly and comprehensively covers all relevant aspects. Transparent taken into account for you.

Unfortunately, there are numerous counterfeits on the market. While many are recognizable by external features, some require careful inspection to be unmasked. In addition to this analysis, at Cologne Watch we carry out comprehensive functional tests. We check the movement, accuracy and water resistance of your watch to ensure its authenticity and quality.

If you are unable to visit us in person at our showroom, our shipping partner UPS offers a collection service for your watch. From the time of collection to the completion of the sale, additional insurance provides comprehensive protection against all eventualities. This means that you are protected against financial risks throughout the entire process.

In the watch market, as in any other market, supply and demand come together. However, the supply of certain watch models is limited. At the same time, there are watch enthusiasts and collectors who are prepared to pay higher sums than usual for certain models and vintages. The challenge here is to find the right watch enthusiast.

Thanks to our extensive global network of dealers and enthusiasts at Cologne Watch, we are often able to achieve an above-average price for our customers.

Of course we also accept defective watches. We first check the profitability of a repair. If a repair is uneconomical, we will make you a fair offer for all functional parts of the watch. Our transparent evaluation process allows you to fully understand our offer and feel confident in your decision.


High quality photos

Expressive images, optimally lit and on a neutral background, increase your sales opportunities. Show your watch from different perspectives.

Detailed description

Create a precise description that includes the make and model as well as the condition of your watch to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Price evaluation and priorities

Get an initial price estimate using our online form. Also consider whether you prefer a trade-in or would like to use our consignment sale option, which will present your watch to an international audience.

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